Groenhart (Ipe)
Beschrijving van Groenhart
International trade name: Ipe, Tabebuia
Suriname: Groenhart/Greenheart
Guyana: Iron Wood
French Guyana: Eben Soufre
Brazil: Ipe / Pau d’ arco
Occurrence: Suriname, Guyana’s central tropical South America
Tree description: bole 15 – 18m, tree height 25- 45 m
Diameter: 45 – 100 cm
Log shape: straight, cylindrical tree base with root spurs or buttresses
Wood description:  
Sapwood: distinct, yellowish
Heartwood: olive brown to blackish with lighter or dark streaks
Grain: slightly or highly interlocked
Texture: fine to medium
Technological characteristics:  
Green density (g/cm3): 1.28
Air dry density at 12 % mc: 1.05
Basic specific gravity: 0.96
Mechanical properties:  
Bending strength at 12 % MC (N/mm2): 180
Modules of elasticity (MOE) at 12 % (N/mm2): 18300
Crushing strength at 12 % (N/mm2): 97
Sawing: difficult, power required, blunting effect; moderate
Drying: slow drying, US kiln schedule T3-m C1 for 25 to 38mm
Machining: moderate difficult, power required
Nailing: pre boring recommended
Finishing: good
Veneering: pre-steaming before slicing recommended
Gluing: with special precautions
Natural durability:  
Decay fungi: very good
Termites: very good
Marine bores: poor to moderate
End uses:

Joinery, flooring, cabinet work, furniture, stairs, decorative trim, 

Sleepers, post and poles, marine constructions, industrial and parquet flooring, hydraulic works


Aanvraag FSC-certifcaat

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